Your Guide to Avoiding or Reducing Property Transfer Tax

Property transfer tax, sometimes referred to as “deed tax”, “stamp tax”, “mortgage registry tax” or even a “capital gains tax,” has been in existence in the United States for several decades now. Simply put, it refers to a once-off fee that local governments charge when there has been a change in property ownership within its jurisdiction. Some states, however, such as Wyoming, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota Read More

Top 5 Risks in Real Estate With the Biggest Impact

Unfortunately for those in the real estate business, you have to worry about not just the often unpredictable housing market. You also, as with every small business, have to contend with a variety of constant risks that could prove crippling to the expansion and overall health of your business. In terms of developing a smart and comprehensive risk management plan, the first and best thing to know simply involves the Read More