Angeles T.

He has represented me with a bankruptcy and real estate closings, and I’m very satisfied with his representation. Excellent! Read More

Hazel R.

Respectful and very informative. I appreciate the work you have done. When I first came to your office, I was a mess. Not only did you help me with my own bankruptcies, explained everything to the fullest, it would put me at ease and help me understand what I was doing with my bankruptcy that was so important to me. Thank you. I also have recommended at least 4 of my family members and 2 of my friends and will Read More

Consuelo L.

Mr. Orlando treated Very much with respect and made me feel very comfortable indeed. I’m very glad I chose Mr. Orlando Velazquez he always kept up with the case dates. I will describe Mr. Orlando Velazquez as a very respectful Attorney, very knowledgeable very prompt and very concerned and helpful with his customers and very trustworthy. Read More

Stephanie A.

We were treated with respect and he is very knowledgeable with our situation. I feel he was the best choice for our case. I would recommend him. Read More

Donald R.

My situation was clearly represented and promptly expedited in a concerned and gracious manner. I would not hesitate to call on Orlando Velazquez Consumer Law if the need arises. Read More

A Satisfied Client

Orlando did an outstanding job with my case. He was reliable, he was always readily available to answer any of my concerns or questions. He went out of his way to address any issues that would arise. I had the utmost confidence in Orlando throughout my entire process. I would recommend Orlando to any of my friends or family. Read More

A Satisfied Client

Mr. Velazquez explained everything in great detail, laid out the plan for my situation and executed perfectly. I didn’t think I needed a certified bankruptcy attorney but I am glad I found one! Read More