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A Lawyer from Velazquez Consumer Law is available to help you if you’re in need of legal assistance. Our firm has worked on a wide range of issues for various clients, and if you’re located in Aurora and surrounding areas, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss yours.

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When you come to us, we’ll listen carefully as you describe what you’ve been going through and what your desired outcome would be. We’ll then consider your best approach to the situation and explain your range of options. Should you choose to retain our services, we’ll furnish you with local representation. As things progress, your attorney will keep you updated and offer legal counsel to aid you in making well-informed decisions. Throughout the process, your questions and concerns will be addressed as they arise.

At Velazquez Consumer Law, we feel fortunate to be able to serve our local community in Aurora and surrounding areas. Give us a call today if you’d like to set up an initial consultation with a Lawyer. We maintain flexible appointment availability so that we can better accommodate our clients’ busy schedules. We are open M-F 9-6, evenings and weekends by appointment.

Take The First Step Toward A Fresh Start With A Bankruptcy Attorney In Aurora, IL

How do I file for bankruptcy? What type of bankruptcy should I file for? Am I going to lose my house? Do I need to hire an attorney? What are some of the credit-related consequences of bankruptcy? Realizing that your debt is too great to overcome can be a scary experience that’s bound to leave you asking these questions and many more. Attempting to navigate the process of bankruptcy in Aurora, IL without an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side will put you at risk of filing for the wrong type of bankruptcy, losing more of your assets than you need to, or making an error along the way that will require you to begin the process all over again. Don’t waste your time, and don’t run the risk of doing it wrong the first time; reach out to Attorney Orlando Velazquez in Aurora, IL, who will bring compassion, experience, and knowledge to your situation, ensuring that the process moves as smoothly as possibly so that you can move on with the life you’ve built in Aurora, IL.

The Primary Difference Between Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Common Source Of Confusion

People commonly inquire about the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and which is better for their situation. In summary, Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates your debt, including credit card, medical, and tax-related debt, while Chapter 13 bankruptcy consolidates your debt into affordable monthly payments based on your income. Both types of bankruptcy will eliminate current lawsuits and garnishments. With the right bankruptcy attorney in Aurora, IL, either type of bankruptcy can be made affordable. Depending on your circumstances, other types of bankruptcies may be better suited for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions today.

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Find Representation And Protection In Real Estate Matters With Attorney Orlando Velazquez In Aurora, IL

Are you looking to sell your house, or on the market to buy a different one? Making either decision is the first of a long series of steps best taken with the assistance of a qualified and experienced real estate attorney in Aurora, IL. Attorney Orlando Velazquez offers a number of real estate services to both buyers and sellers, including review of purchase and sale agreements, negotiation, insurance matters, identification of liabilities, and assurance that title transfers are made smoothly. Buying or selling a house is an enormous undertaking, and perhaps one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever carry out; don’t tun the risk of making documentation errors or omitting critical pieces of information which could ultimately result in a loss of your time and money, or even worse, litigation in court. Working side by side with a knowledgeable real estate attorney will expedite the process of selling or buying your property, and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is being done properly. Protect your interests and invest in an experienced real estate attorney in Aurora, IL today.

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