Real Estate Law

Solving – and Preventing – Real Estate Legal Issues

There is no doubt that buying or selling a home can be stressful. The real estate process can be challenging and confusing if you’re going through it alone, and realtors don’t always have the answers or the legal capability to help with some of the intricate aspects of real estate transactions. It is wise to hire an Aurora, IL real estate attorney to assist you during your venture.

Having an experienced real estate attorney can protect your interests and make sure that your desired outcome is achieved. A knowledgeable attorney knows how to implement resources and execute a smooth real estate transaction. After all, the sale or purchase of a home is usually the single most significant investment that most people ever make.

Illinois doesn’t require buyers or sellers to have an attorney throughout the real estate process; however, hiring an attorney can save you from faulty deals, having a deal fall through, and overall risky transactions. Your real estate attorney can also help you save time and money, as well as making sure that the due diligence of home buying and selling is covered.

A skilled real estate attorney will ensure that a real estate transaction or deal is fair. When a contract is drafted for the purchase or sale of your home, your attorney can review it and request modifications. Modifications can be made to a contract within a specified timeframe  (usually five days). If an agreement of the requested modifications is not reached, then the attorney can revoke the contract on your behalf. 

Your attorney will take the time to explain the contract and terms of the deal while ensuring that the transaction is fair. Protecting your interest is a priority. Your Aurora, IL real estate attorney will be guiding you in case any problematic circumstances arise that may occur from a contract’s first draft to the closing.

Real estate is dynamic – there are a number of parties involved in a transaction. Your real estate attorney is an essential cog in the wheel of real estate; he or she keeps everything moving. Having an attorney by your side will significantly decrease the chances of any issues popping up or your deal falling apart. However, contracts do not always run smoothly, and problems can arise. If not adequately resolved, the chances of closing a transaction are low. An experienced attorney, however, can help turn things around and put the deal back on track by negotiating a plausible solution.

Often, a seemingly minor error (like missing a deadline) may cause a contract to fall through. If either party involved misses a deadline, it can delay or cause the deal to end. Deadlines can be a headache, but your attorney can help you nail your deadlines and avoid a breach of contract, loss of earnest money, or the unfortunate circumstance of having a deal fall apart. A resourceful real estate attorney will ensure that an extension is negotiated in case a deadline is not feasible.

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