Why Updating Your Estate Plan During a Divorce is a Non-Negotiable

For some couples, unfortunately divorce is an unavoidable headache. Amid the whirlwind of legal meetings and emotional exchanges, it's alarmingly easy to overlook the nuts and bolts that keep your future secure—like your estate plan. Sure, it might not be the first thing on your mind, but neglecting this could leave a big hole your documents regarding who will be inheriting your assets. You don’t want your estate Read More

8 Reasons Young People Need Estate Planning

Estate planning often conjures images of something reserved for the older population or the very wealthy, but it's a crucial process for everyone, including young adults. Many young people may believe they don't need an estate plan because they don't have significant assets. However, estate planning encompasses far more than just the distribution of wealth after one's passing. It's about making decisions that affect Read More

How Attorney Oversight Protects Your Property Dreams

Signing a mortgage is a huge financial step, loaded with details that must be meticulously checked. Overlooking a single element could lead to unexpected consequences. An attorney’s review before you sign can be the linchpin in securing a favorable deal, free of unforeseen pitfalls. This blog explains why enlisting legal scrutiny in reviewing your mortgage documents is not just helpful but essential. Common Read More

Post-COVID Financial Landscape: The Rising Tide of Bankruptcy

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented financial challenges for individuals and small businesses worldwide. Governments stepped in with relief measures to mitigate the economic fallout, providing a lifeline to many during the peak of the crisis. COVID relief checks were crucial in sustaining households and small enterprises among these measures. However, as these relief efforts have waned, a significant uptick Read More

What Areas of Your Home Should You Invest in to Increase Value?

When considering home improvements, homeowners might assume that spending 10k on a new pool will automatically increase the value of their property. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Homeowners often face the challenge of distinguishing between investments that genuinely increase property value and those that yield minimal returns. Not all renovations are created equal in the eyes of potential buyers or their Read More

Keeping What Matters to You After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Facing financial challenges and the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an overwhelming experience. The fear of losing your home, car, and other valuable assets is real and weighs heavily on your mind. These items represent more than just financial value; they are integral parts of your life and hold emotional significance. It's important to understand, though, that filing for Chapter 7 doesn't always Read More

Marry the House, Date the Rate

It’s a popular phrase in the real estate world. “Marry the house, date the rate.” It’s popping up more consistently on today’s market as buyers grapple with high mortgage interest rates. But, what does the phrase really mean and does it apply to you? Simply put, it's about committing to a property in a long-term “marriage,” while maintaining a flexible stance towards the interest rate. We wouldn’t normally advise Read More

Invisible Dangers to Uncover During a Home Inspection

The process of inspecting a home is potentially the most important element of any Illinois real estate purchase. This nuanced step aims to protect not only your purchase but the long-term health of you, your loved ones, and anyone else who will be occupying the property. An inspection needs to go beyond surface-level defects and shine a light on the often-overlooked dangers that may lie beneath. It's a step in the Read More

What Does Refinancing Your Mortgage Accomplish?

Refinancing a mortgage is a popular option for homeowners looking to accomplish a number of different financial goals. As we dive into this, we want to make it clear that Velazquez Consumer Law, LLC handles real estate law and is not a loan servicing company. However, we frequently speak with clients about refinancing mortgages they are actively signing or have already signed to get the most out of their Read More

How Do I Know I’m Getting a Fair Deal on the Illinois Real Estate Market?

The property hunt is a daunting one. You have probably already looked at dozens of Zillow listings and talked to friends, family members, colleagues, and whoever else is willing to listen about your search. You’ve gotten advice from a number of sources but still can’t quite figure out how to tell what’s a fair deal and what’s not. You’re not alone. We deal with clients every day who are stressed about the purchase Read More