3 Ways To Rebuild Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Some people think that once you file for bankruptcy, your credit score is toast for the rest of your life. They assume that you will have to rely on cash and you will never be able to pass a credit check again to get approved for a mortgage, a lease, a loan, or even a credit card. This simply isn’t true. It’s one of the myths of bankruptcy that we’ve previously written about. In that article, we note that while Read More

4 Times When You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Your Estate Plan isn’t something that you can set in stone once and assume it will be accurate forever. Your Estate Plan is supposed to be a reflection of your life, so as your life changes, you may need to update your Estate Plan as well. It won’t happen automatically. An Estate Plan is a legally binding plan for what will happen to your possessions and property (your estate) and your funds (your assets) after Read More

What a Real Estate Attorney Can Help You With in Illinois

Whether you’re buying or selling property, any real estate transaction is complicated and often stressful. In Illinois, more people know that than usual right now. We’re in the middle of a nationwide real estate boom, where more buyers are being approved than ever before and sellers are receiving offers mere minutes after their property is on the market To help you through that whirlwind process, you need a full Read More

5 Myths About Bankruptcy to Ignore

Most people think of “bankruptcy” as a dirty word. They would much rather spend decades slowly paying off crippling debts instead of understanding the process and truth behind bankruptcy. In reality, it is a positive option for a lot of people who need financial help. It can give you a fresh start in about two years and allow you to thrive financially once again. Of course, most people don’t really know enough Read More

What Happens To Your Estate Plan After Getting Divorced?

No one has ever accused going through a divorce of being boring. Even though the process can last years, it is often overwhelming. It can be stuffed to the brim with things required from both spouses, ranging from signing agreements to changing their last name. One of the most important aspects of the divorce process is often overlooked: changing your Estate Plan. An Estate Plan is a legally binding plan that Read More

Why the Real Estate Boom is Good for Sellers and Buyers

The real estate market looks completely different than it did two years ago, and for the first time in a long time, it might actually be better than before. There is no denying that we are in the middle of a real estate boom in 2021. In Illinois, we are seeing more real estate business than ever before. Houses are selling in seconds for more than their asking prices! As a buyer or a seller, there are certain ways Read More

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13: Which Bankruptcy is Right For You?

At Velazquez Consumer Law, LLC, we know that bankruptcy can be a terrifying thought. We like to remind all of our clients that it isn’t the end of the line and you don’t have to do it alone. Most clients starting to consider bankruptcy do not even realize that there are multiple types they can file for. Bankruptcy is an option to help remove debt for those who have incurred crippling amounts of it. While there are Read More

4 Reasons Why You Should Make an Estate Plan

While most people have heard of making a Will or perhaps even a Trust, they often do not understand the full scope of Estate Planning. Making an Estate Plan is not simply a tool for the rich and powerful to divy up inheritances. It is a process that every adult in the United States should utilize to protect themselves, especially if they have a family. An Estate Plan is a legal document crafted with a lawyer and Read More

6 Tips for Making an Offer on a Real Estate Purchase

If you have made it to the offer stage of a real estate purchase, you are probably breathing a sigh of relief. You have decided which property is best for you after weeks or months of searching. You are starting to imagine yourself living or working there. You are ready to complete the purchase, and the first step of that process is making the offer. Unfortunately, making the offer is not something that is simple. Read More

How to Adjust to Life After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a major life change. If you have been through the process and come out the other side, congratulations! You’ve survived and now you have been given an opportunity for a fresh start. We know it might not always seem like a good thing - and we know it isn’t always easy. However, being offered a new beginning doesn’t come often, so now is the time to make the most of it. One thing is certain: Read More