What a Real Estate Attorney Can Help You With in Illinois

Whether you’re buying or selling property, any real estate transaction is complicated and often stressful. In Illinois, more people know that than usual right now. We’re in the middle of a nationwide real estate boom, where more buyers are being approved than ever before and sellers are receiving offers mere minutes after their property is on the market

To help you through that whirlwind process, you need a full team of good people working on your side. That team should include, at the bare minimum, a real estate agent and a real estate attorney. In Illinois, real estate attorneys are not legally required for transactions – but having one can protect you along the way. Here are 4 things that a real estate attorney can help you with:

Protect Your Interests

Real estate agents know the real estate world inside out, but they don’t always know the further extent of the law. A real estate attorney knows the warning signs to look for from a legal perspective, and can help protect your interests at every step of the process. Hiring a real estate attorney is an investment, protecting you not just through the transaction but for the rest of your life living (or working) in the property.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Small errors, from poor wording on a contract to accidentally missing a deadline, can cause a good deal to slip through your fingers. A real estate attorney will help prevent common mistakes that could otherwise result in your sale falling apart.

Oversee the Deal

A real estate attorney is particularly helpful in thoroughly reviewing your potential contract. Most home buyers or home sellers are not used to combing through contracts and understanding what is in their favor and what works against them. A real estate attorney can request modifications to the deal and negotiate them with the other side to ensure you get a solid deal.

Deal With Title Insurance

Title Insurance, like real estate attorneys, are not legally required but are still essential to the process. It gives you the assurance that your purchase is protected from surprises. You can rest easy knowing that your actions are legally protected once the transaction is completed.

Get the Help You Need

At Velazquez Consumer Law, LLC, we have significant experience handling real estate transactions in Illinois. If you are trying to buy or sell property, contact Velazquez Consumer Law, LLC today to get the help you need! We provide solutions and shield you from surprises.

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