Why You Need an Attorney During the Homebuying Process in Illinois

Working your way through the real estate market and finding the perfect home for you and your family is truly a dream. You and your loved ones have worked hard to get to this point and getting the keys to the home your family will live in for years to come can be one of the most fulfilling tasks in life.

It’s important not to get ahead of yourself, however, as there are numerous aspects to the homebuying process that can trip up your purchase and not only force you back out onto the market but also cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s how the right real estate attorney can protect you from the pitfalls of trying to navigate an Illinois real estate transaction on your own.

Contract Review by an Experienced Illinois Real Estate Attorney

Does that contract say what you really think it does? An experienced real estate attorney knows the market and contract terminology like the back of their hand. Ultimately, this could not only save you from legal gymnastics later on but also save you money if certain terms need to be adjusted.

We find clients too often are excited to sign their name at the bottom of a real estate contract just to get the process over with. You want to get the keys and move in, we get it, but a thorough review of contract language by your real estate attorney should be a priority.

If the seller is setting unrealistic deadlines, executes poor wording (intentional or not) that creates confusion, or puts terms that are either not legal or cannot be reasonably met, then your attorney will work to sort through those issues. A real estate agent will understand the market, but they may struggle to understand the legal contract nuances that could trip you up without an attorney by your side.

Peace of Mind Through the Process

As homeowners ourselves, we understand the feeling that a deal is never done until you have the keys in your hand. This is true, but an Illinois real estate attorney can provide peace of mind as the process continues – and make sure post-closing litigation isn’t conjured up from issues after you’ve moved in.

You can rest assured that common legal matters that trip up real estate transactions are handled swiftly and appropriately, allowing you to move closer to your dream home. This can include:

  • Sorting out title defects and securing title insurance
  • Handling boundary disputes
  • Navigating missed deadlines to prevent the deal from falling apart
  • Getting the most out of any taxes and fees
  • Reviewing the details of your loan and financing options
  • Negotiating any missing or overlooked details

These are just a handful of the many smaller roles an attorney can play in the homebuying process in Illinois.

Hire an Illinois Real Estate Attorney Today

At Velazquez Consumer Law, we proudly help the people of Illinois secure the real estate they want and deserve. Our team can help you settle any disputes before they derail the transaction and leave you back at square one. Contact our team and let’s get started right away.

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